DMS 423 Programming Graphics


All assignments are posted (and turned in) on UBlearns

Class notes

Aug 25 Intro; Animation
Aug 27 Color
Sep 3 Geometry & Coordinate Systems
video: Frames of Reference
Sep 8 Transformations
video: John Whitney, Experiments in Motion Graphics and Permutations
Sep 10 Math
Sep 15 Randomness
Video: Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Origin, Embryo, Mutation, Gigalopolis, and Cytolon [youtube]
Sep 17 Interaction
Video: MIT, Sketchpad; Myron Krueger, Videoplace
Sep 22 Textures
Sep 24 Textures
Sep 29 Alpha
Oct 1 project review & Scientific Visualization
Oct 6 Scientific Visualization
Oct 13 Bounds; Vectors
Oct 20 3D - depth buffering & perspective
Oct 27 Depth cues
Nov 3 Lighting cow.obj cow.mtl
flowertex.jpg noise.png
Nov 10 Databases
Nov 12 Stereoscopy