VR for Public Consumption

Notes from the Workshop at IEEE VR04
Organized by: Dave Pape, Maria Roussou, Josephine Anstey

Cosmus: Virtual 3D Cosmology in Public Science Museums
Stephanie Andrews, Dinoj Surendran, Randall H. Landsberg, Eric Jojola, Leo Kadanoff, Ronen Mir, Joi Podgorny, Daniela Rosner, Mark SubbaRao
URL: astro.uchicago.edu/cosmus

The VR Portal: Interfacing the Art World
Geoffrey Baum, Todd Margolis, Keith Miller
URL: www.appliedinteractives.com/

Experiences with Virtual Reality Accessibility in an African Context
Charlene Beirowski, Hendranus Vermeulen
Contact address: char (at) cs.uct.ac.za; hvermeul (at) cs.uct.ac.za
PDF: beirowski.pdf
URL: www.caves.co.za

VRizer - Using Arbitrary OpenGL Software in the CAVE or other Virtual Environments
Florian Berger, Christopher Lindinger, Wolfgang Ziegler
PDF: berger.pdf

Efficient, Intuitive User Interfaces for Classroom-Based Immersive Virtual Environments
Doug Bowman, Matthew Gracey, John Lucas
Contact address: bowman (at) vt.edu
PDF: bowman.pdf
Slides: bowman_slides.pdf
URL: research.cs.vt.edu/3di/projects/education/education2.html

A Framework for User-guided Multi-Resolution 3D Reconstruction
Felicia Brisc
Slides: brisc_slides.pdf
Published as: "Creating Virtual Models from Uncalibrated Camera Views", F. Brisc, Eurographics Ireland 2004 Workshop

VR for Public Spaces: What do they really want?
Jim Costigan
Contact address: jim (at) visual-acuity.com
Slides: costigan_slides.pdf
URL: www.visual-acuity.com

Inside and Out: Finding a Balance Between Active and Passive Participation for the Public and Performers
Marientina Gotsis, Geoffrey Baum, Kang Sun

Game Technology for Educational Virtual Worlds: CaveUT and the Temple of Horus
Jeffrey Jacobson
URL: planetjeff.net/ut/CaveUT.html

Navigation with auditory cues in virtual environments
Tapio Lokki, Matti Grohn
Contact address: Tapio.Lokki (at) hut.fi
Slides: lokki_slides.pdf
Paper to appear in IEEE Multimedia (2005)
Earlier paper: Grohn.pdf

Virtual Reality and the Internal Experience
Alison McMahan, Rebecca Tortell
Contact address: alisonmcmahan (at) aol.com
PDF: mcmahan.pdf
URL: www.alisonmcmahan.com

Virtual Reality for Location-Based Entertainment: Lessons Learned Building DisneyQuest
Mark Mine

Building Immersive VR Experiences for the General Public: Technical, Economical and Ergonomic Choices
David Nahon
Contact address: nahon (at) virtools.com
PDF: nahon.pdf
URL: david.cyber-nahon.net

Virtual Vouni, the Museum of the Future
Bino Nord, Tomas Cool Colbengtson
Contact address: binocool (at) nada.kth.se
PDF: nord.pdf
URL: www.virtualrules.net

The VR-Desktop: an Accessible Approach to VR Environments in Teaching and Research
George Otto, Loukas Kalisperis, Jack Gundrum, Katsuhiko Muramoto, Gavin Burris, Ray Masters, Elena Slobounov, Jamie Heilman, Vijay Agarwala

Immersive Virtual Environment Research in the College of Fine Arts
Lucy Petrovich
Contact address: lucy (at) u.arizona.edu
PDF: petrovich.pdf
URL: www.arts.arizona.edu/lucy/desert.html
URL: www.arts.arizona.edu/art532a/

The Virtual Classroom: A Virtual Environment for the Assessment of Attention Processes in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Albert Rizzo, Dean Klimchuk, Roman Mitura
Contact address: arizzo (at) usc.edu
PDF: rizzo.pdf
URL: imsc.usc.edu

Virtual Reality Art Projects: A Research in Interactive Narratives, Navigational Systems and Stereoscopic Projection Systems
Agueda Simo

Real-time visual simulation models in an exhibition environment
Lisa Snyder
Contact address: lms (at) ucla.edu
PDF: snyder.pdf
URL: www.ust.ucla.edu

Virtual Hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro
Luciano Soares, Leonardo Nomura, Marcio Cabral, Lucas Dulley, Marcelo Guimaraes, Roseli Lopes, Marcelo Zuffo
Contact address: lsoares (at) lsi.usp.br
PDF: soares.pdf
Slides: soares_slides.ppt
URL: www.lsi.usp.br/interativos/nrv/hangGlidingRJ.html

Virtual Reality for Every School
Wylmarie Sykes, Robert Reid, Brett Reid
URL: www.sunrisevr.com

Design and Implementation Parameters of Mobile VR/AR Platforms for Cultural Heritage Applications
Vassilios Vlahakis, Thanos Demiris, Nicos Ioannidis
Contact address: vvla (at) intracom.gr
PDF: vlahakis.pdf
Slides: vlahakis_slides.pdf
URL: archeoguide.intranet.gr
URL: www.miralab.unige.ch/subpages/lifeplus/

LISTEN - Augmenting everyday environments through interactive soundscapes
Olivier Warusfel, Gerhard Eckel
PDF: warusfel.pdf

Towards a Workflow and Interaction Framework for Virtual Aquaria
Gordon Wetzstein, Peter Stephenson
Contact address: ps (at) imedia-academy.net
PDF: stephenson.pdf
Slides: stephenson_slides.pdf
URL: www.imedia-academy.org

Virtual Reality Applications in Undergraduate Education
Jeffrey Will