DMS 110 Programming for Digital Art



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Class notes

Aug 26 Intro hello.html hello2.html
Aug 28 Data, Expressions, Variables Larry Cuba, "Two Space"
The Artist is Present
Workers of the World
Sep 2 Logic & if-then
Sep 4 Loops rps.html(Rock-Paper-Scissors, version 1)
rps2.html(Rock-Paper-Scissors, version 2)
beer.html(99 bottles of beer, using a loop)
prime.html(test a number for primeness, using a loop)
Sep 9 Functions
*** EPC @ 20 ***
prime2.html(test for primeness, as a function)
Modern Perverbs
Massaging McLuhan (info)
@RealHumanPraise (info)
LA Times' Quakebot (info)
Sep 11 Arrays "The Words They Used"
Sep 16 HTML & Javascript triangles.html (HW#1)
wordlength.html (class exercise)
Sep 18 HTML & Javascript curse.html
Sep 23 HTML forms jsform.html
jsinput.html (fixed)
Sep 25 CSS css.html more.html
Sep 30 Timers cookie.html interval.html interval2.html Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Oct 2 Audio & Video media.html bounce code
Oct 7 Objects (w3schools)
[in-class + homework]
bounce1.html bounce2.html bounce3.html bounce4.html bounce5.html Dragon's Lair
Oct 9 Interactive video exercise
Oct 14 Canvas
[MDN][Dive Into]
canvas.html canvas2.html Lines Vertical
Oct 16 Functions + Objects + Canvas canvas2.html canvas3.html
Oct 28 Canvas: Text, Images, Keyboard canvastext.html keys.html image.html image2.html imagesheet.html The Convergence
Nov 4 Copyright Darfur is Dying September 12th This Land
Nov 6 Public domain & free culture mouse.html
Nov 11 In-class exercise: matching game match.html
Nov 13 Game design
Nov 18 EaselJS easeltest.html
Nov 20 snow day
Nov 25 AJAX with jQuery weather0.html weather.html
Dec 4 more AJAX & jQuery pets.html