DMS 439/554: Virtual Reality 2
Spring 2004

When: Tuesday/Thursday 3:00 - 4:50 pm
Where: CFA 266

Instructor: Dave Pape
Office: CFA 287
Office hours: Tues/Wed 1-2



ACM Digital Library (via UBlib)
IEEE Digital Library (via UBlib)
Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments

EVL yg pages

Articles to read:

13 JanPrinciples of traditional animation applied to 3D computer animation
20 JanAlice: lessons learned from building a 3D system for novices   (offcampus URL)
Alice: rapid prototyping for virtual reality   (offcampus URL)
27 Jan Towards virtual reality for the masses: 10 years of research at Disney's VR studio
3 Feb Reviving the past: cultural heritage meets virtual reality
17 Feb Placeholder: technology and the senses
Placeholder: landscape and narrative in virtual environments


Basic Yg - introduction to Ygdrasil (scene files)

Dave Pape UB Department of Media Study