Assignment 6

DUE: Monday, 24 March, 4:00 pm

Start working on your semester project (if you haven't already).

Prepare a storyboard and an outline of the programming tasks and needed "raw materials".

Present your project plan in class next Monday (the 24th).

This can be something like a traditional storyboard for a film or video (especially if your project will have a linear story or progression), or just a few basic drawings of what it will look like.
The quality of the drawings is not important. What is important is to sketch out the basic appearance of your scene(s), and any user interaction. They should be something that will be useful to you, to clearly identify what you're going to have to work on.
The drawings can be scanned hand drawings, Photoshop or other computer generated images, or even screen-grabs of a rough draft of the program itself. They should be digital (JPEG, PNG, or TIFF), however.
Programming tasks
This should be an outline of what code you believe you will have to write.
The programming plan can take the form of a high level, pseudo-code outline of the program, a list of C++ classes or functions that are needed, and/or descriptions of the major data structures that will be used. Try to be somewhat precise, at least for the most important elements; e.g. when describing a class that will accomplish a certain task (such as controlling an object's motion), identify what data it will need to store, what functions it will provide, and what arguments those functions will require. Also describe the connections between your classes, functions, and data structures - what calls what, what creates what, what is derived from what, etc.
As with the storyboard, try to create something that will be useful to you - something that clearly lays out what work you have to do.
This should be a list of whatever non-code items you will need to create (or find) for your application. This includes things such as texture images, sounds, and models.

Put all this together in some sort of document - an HTML page, PDF file, or plain text file + images in a directory (closed, non-standard formats such as Microsoft Word are not acceptable). Send me an e-mail ( telling me where to find your project plan. You don't need to tar it up & deliver it.