Pixar Texture Collection

In ~dave/data/Pixar/ is a copy of the Pixar texture library. This is a collection of 77 images of things such as bricks, wood, fabrics, water, and clouds, designed for use as textures. They are 512 x 512 RGB TIFF images, and can tile repeatedly in both directions.

Other Texture Resources

Sites on the web with free texture collections include:

Some other sources of images that may be useful:


We have a copy of a 10+ CD sound effects library, that can be checked out from the equipment window. Sounds can be grabbed from CDs on the Linux machines using the command cdda2wav. also has a collection of free sound effects for download.


Some sets of free models in OBJ format are in ~dave/data/models/. My libwave library may be used for rendering them in OpenGL programs (although the library may need a bit of updating).

Other free models can be found on the web at places such as,, and, in various formats.