Misc Announcements

Assignment Lateness Policy

Assignments are due by noon of the day specified. Anything turned in after 12:00 noon is considered late.

Late assignments are penalized -10% per 24 hour period that they're late.

Assignment 1 will be accepted with only a 20% penalty up until 12:00 noon this Wednesday - 29 January.

Assignment 2 is still due on 29 January as well.

End of Semester Show

An end-of-semester show for DMS 439/554 is planned for April 17-18 at Squeaky Wheel.

We may wish to include some PCs running additional projects. Any DMS 424 student whose final project is in a showable state by that time should talk to me or Josephine Anstey about being included.

VR & Graphics shows this week

On Friday, we will be participating in an international, networked VR art show put on by Dan Sandin. The main show is in Barcelona, and will include sites in Sweden, Chicago, and here. Our end will be in room 265, from ~ 11:00 AM to 12:30 (local time).

See http://jornada.enredando.com/3jornada/eng/IIIjornada/index.cfm.

Feb. 1 is the opening of a Frank Moore exhibit at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. In conjunction with this, we are creating an interactive room based on elements of Moore's paintings. It will feature real-time graphics from a Linux PC, with interaction driven by video camera inputs.

See http://www.albrightknox.org/education.html