Assignment 2

DUE: Thursday, 14 October 2004, 12:00 midnight
  (electronically, to

1. Create a moving object that uses hierarchical transformations.
The overall object should be able to move around as a unit, and it should have at least two sub-parts that rotate and/or translate relative to the base object.

2. Allow the user to control the object.

There should be some sort of keyboard (or mouse) controls to move the object around in the window - both translation and rotation.

3. Include independent object(s).

There must be one or more other objects in the scene, which either don't move, or move on their own, independent of the user-controlled object.

Objects can be either images or geometry. At least one object must be geometry, using OpenGL commands directly (glBegin, glVertex, etc).

Make sure your program prints out instructions, such as a list of the controls, when it starts.

E-mail your program to me at
Be sure to include your name, and the OS you wrote the program on, in comments in the code.