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Media Timeline

???? 2,000,000 - 40,000 years ago spoken language
ca. 32,000 BC Cave paintings (Europe)
33rd century B.C. Ideographic writing (Sumeria)
16th century B.C. Alphabetic writing (Palestine)
600 B.C. Drama (Greece)
6th - 9th century A.D. Wood-block printing (China)
1041 A.D. Movable type (China)
ca 12th-15th century A.D. Cheap, mass production of paper developed
1440-1454 A.D. Gutenberg press (Germany)
17th century A.D. Magic lantern (Europe)
1792 Robert Barker's panorama (England)
1826 Niepce's first photograph (France)
1844 Morse invents telegraph (U.S.)
1876 Bell invents telephone (U.S.)
1877 Edison invents phonograph (U.S.)
late 19th century Crookes tube / Braun tube invented (England/Germany)
1890s Edison & Lumiere brothers invent film camera & projection (U.S./France)
1890s Tesla & Marconi invent radio (U.S./Italy)
1927 1st long-distance TV transmission (U.S.)
1930s Audio tape recording invented (Germany)
1937 Carlson invents xerography (U.S.)
1930s - 1940s Programmable electronic computers developed (Germany / U.S. / England)
1951 Ginsburg (Ampex Corp) invents videotape recorder (U.S.)
1969 ARPAnet developed
1975-1977 Personal computers introduced
1991 World Wide Web created
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