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Ozone '91

Visualization of the global stratospheric ozone density for 1991, focusing on the Antarctic ozone hole. This video was produced for Mark Schoeberl of Goddard's Laboratory for Atmospheres, who provided the TOMS data used in the animation. It was originally shown on ABC television's Prime Time Live for a 1993 story on the ozone hole.

This video was rather popular, and seemed to pop up unexpectedly in all sorts of places. It was included on SGI's "video news release" promoting the TFP chip, which was shown (in part) on various local news shows. Later, it was also spotted on a Saturday morning kids' news show ("Not Just News" or "News for Kids" or something like that), in the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry's Imaging exhibit, and at the New York State Fair (in the Niagara Mohawk booth).