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Falling Over You

From February 1 to April 20, 2003, the Albright Knox Art Gallery exhibited Frank Moore: Green Thumb in a Dark Eden

Falling Over You was an interactive space set up in conjunction with the exhibit. For this space, we created a large scale interactive video environment that uses elements of Moore's paintings.

The exhibition included paintings from Moore's "Niagara Falls" series. Since these are of particular local interest, the Gallery wanted the interactive space to be based on the Falls.

Our installation used video footage of Niagara Falls, played back on a computer and displayed on a 20' x 9' screen at the far end of a room. As visitors entered the room, infra-red cameras detected their motion, and caused changes in the video image. Small objects from several of Moore's paintings appeared to come over the falls, fly about past them, or grow in front of them. The different results were keyed to different regions of the room. When visitors stepped up close to the screen, the video image would part around them and their shadows, and reveal Moore's Niagara painting beneath the real-world video.