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DMS462 s16


[edit] DMS 462 - Game Design

[edit] Course Info

When: Monday/Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:50 am
Where: CFA 242

Instructor: Dave Pape
e-mail: depape at buffalo.edu
Office: CFA 250
Office hours: Mon/Wed 11-1


[edit] Assignments

[edit] Teams

[edit] Schedule

topics project games next reading
Jan 25 Introduction; what is game design


Monopoly Chapter 1
Jan 27 Definitions of "game" Chapter 2
Feb 1 Structure of boardgames 9 Mens Morris, Fox & Geese, Mancala
Feb 3 Chapter 2 - Structure of Games

test first race games

Chapter 6
Feb 8 'Train' video Chutes & Ladders, Trivial Pursuit
Feb 10 Chapter 6 - conceptualization
Brainstorming exercise (Activity #2)
Chapter 7
Feb 15 Paper prototyping exercise Diplomacy
Feb 17 Chapter 7 - prototyping form teams Chapter 3
Feb 22 multiplayer games Nuclear War
Feb 24 Chapter 3 (Jeremy, Kevin L) Chapter 4
Feb 29 formal properties; uncertainty in games archive.org MS-DOS collection
Mar 2 Chapter 4 (Diana, Kevin E) initial ideas Chapter 5
Mar 7 status reports (David, Kevin L, Chris, Jerry)
focus statement
Space Invaders [1]
Hamurabi [2]
Mar 9 Chapter 5 (Jerry, Joel) Chapter 8
Mar 14-18 spring break
Mar 21 status reports (Steve, Team 2, Dan, Will, Jerry)
paper prototypes
Lost Worlds
Mar 23 Chapter 8 (David) Chapter 9
Mar 28 playtesting rehearsal status reports (Ahmad, Jeremy, Chris, Joel, Michael U)
Mar 30 Chapter 9 (Leo) recruit playtesters; have questions Chapter 10
Apr 4-5 playtesting playtesting
Apr 6 Chapter 10 (Gabriel) status reports (David, Zheyuan, Gabe, Kevin E, Michael A) Chapter 11
Apr 11 status reports (Steve, Team 2, Team 3, Will, Diana)
Apr 13 Chapter 11 (Michael U) Chapter 14
Apr 18 analyses: Steven, Chris status reports (Ahmad, Jeremy, Dan, Team 4, Michael U) Clash Royale, The Resistance
Apr 20 Chapter 14 (Daniel)

analyses: Joel, Will

iRacing, Hearthstone Chapter 12
Apr 25 analyses: Jeremy, Ahmad, Daniel status reports (Team 1, Zheyuan, Gabe, Kevin E, Diana) Gone Home, The Saboteur, Rocket League
Apr 27 Chapter 12 (Will)

analyses: Kevin E, Kevin L

Cook Serve Delicious, Shadow of the Colossus Chapter 13
May 2 analyses: Gabe, Diana, Leo, Michael U status reports (Team 1, Kevin L, Team 3, Joel, Michael A) The Witness, Undertale, League of Legends, Robocraft
May 4 Chapter 13 (Steven)

analyses: David, Jerry, Michael A

Portal, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto 1
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