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DMS462 f15


[edit] DMS 462 - Game Design

[edit] Course Info

When: Monday/Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:50 pm
Where: CFA 242

Instructor: Dave Pape
e-mail: depape at buffalo.edu
Office: CFA 250
Office hours: Mon/Wed 11-noon, Tues 11-1


[edit] Assignments

[edit] Schedule

topics games next reading
Aug 31 Introduction; what is game design


Monopoly Chapter 1
Sep 2 Definitions of "game" 9 Mens Morris, Fox & Geese, Mancala
Sep 9 Structure of boardgames Chapter 2
Sep 14 Racing games Chutes & Ladders
Sep 16 structures of games (chapter 2) (Nick) Cosmic Wimpout, Connect 4, Trivial Pursuit Chapter 6
Sep 21 Train (Jordan) Diplomacy
Sep 23 brainstorming (Eric) Nuclear War Chapter 7
Sep 28 paper prototyping (Chang) Lost Worlds
Sep 30 game focus (Nick) Scotland Yard Chapter 3
Oct 5 history of wargames (Cosmo) Tactics II
Oct 7 formal game elements; multiplayer patterns (Nate) Hamurabi [1] Chapter 4
Oct 12 game pitches; dramatic elements (Dan) Adventure [2]
Oct 14 (library research) Chapter 5
Oct 19 project status reports (Yui Ting) Space Invaders [3] [4]
Oct 21 systems (Christian) Civilization Chapter 8
Oct 26 projects: analog prototypes
Oct 28 interfaces; digital prototyping (Bill) Master of Orion [5] Chapter 9
Nov 2 playtesting rehearsal (using a commercial game)
Nov 4 Schell's "Lens of Pleasure" and "Lens of Judgment" (Anna) Wolfenstein 3D [6]
(Jeremiah) gamification
Chapter 10
Nov 9 playtesting plans (Ethan) Civ 5
Nov 11 playtesting by outside recruits Chapter 11
Nov 16 project status (Lee)
Nov 18 (Yuan)
Nov 23 (Justin) Doom
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