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DMS462 f11


[edit] DMS 462 - Game Design

[edit] Course Info

When: Monday/Wednesday 11:00 am - 12:50 pm
Where: CFA 242

Instructor: Dave Pape
e-mail: depape at buffalo.edu
Office: CFA 250
Office hours: Tue/Wed 2-3

[edit] Assignments

[edit] Schedule

projects game analyses
Oct 17 playtesting by classmates
Oct 19 playtesting by classmates
Oct 24 playtesting by classmates
Oct 26 review design documents
Oct 31 balancing; recruiting Benjamin Paine - One Chance
Catherine Boatman - Carcassonne
Nov 2 Bradley Fagan - League of Legends
Nov 7 review questions for playtesters Trevor Boyd - Dark Age of Camelot
Alex Weidner - Magick
Daniel Roberts - Assassin's Creed
Nov 9 Mark Essenburg - Legacy of Kain
Ted Pierre - Metal Gear Solid
James Hoffmann - Age of Empires 2
Nov 14 playtesting - Pompeii & Corp Control
Nov 16 playtesting - Orbis & CoW
Nov 21 report on playtesting Dan Prescott - flower
Peter Molinaro - Civilization V
Nov 28 Kathy Yuen - Uplink
Ryann Setlock - Starcraft
Hendrik Heuer - Black & White
Nov 30 Leomary Rodriguez - Conquest of the Empire
Robert Zillig - EVE Online
Paul Prince - Skyrim
Dec 5 final results
Dec 7 final results
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