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DMS423 f15

[edit] DMS 423 - Programming Graphics 1

[edit] Assignments

[edit] Class notes

Aug 31 Introduction; basic Unity3D Dynamic Earth excerpt
What Are The Chances Of Another Katrina?
Sep 2 Animation
Sep 9 class cancelled
Sep 14 Color
Sep 16 Geometry, coordinate systems, OBJ files Frames of Reference
Sep 21 Math John Whitney, Permutations
Sep 23 Transformations John Whitney, Experiments in Motion Graphics
Sep 28 scripting meshes in Unity warpMesh.js


Yoichiro Kawaguchi
Sep 30 texturing makeTriangles3.js
Oct 5 randomness
Oct 7 procedural geometry warpUV.js
Oct 12 interaction
Oct 19 more Unity interaction
Oct 21 depth cues
Oct 26 depth buffering, perspective, lighting
Oct 28 scientific visualization plotquakes.js https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlRTk9_iAhY
Nov 2 visualization history
Nov 4 visualization basics - data & techniques
Nov 9 AirNow
Nov 11 More AirNow; graphing time sequence airnow-linegraph.js
Nov 16 procedural textures
Nov 18 colormapping data; SEDAC population data gpw.js
Nov 23 project work
Nov 30 Alpha; Particle systems
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