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DMS423 f12

[edit] DMS 423/523 - Programming Graphics 1

[edit] Assignments

[edit] Class notes

Aug 27 Intro
Aug 29 Color canvas.html
Sep 5 Animation & program structure Windows/Pyglet fix (for Python 2.7, from [1])
Sep 10 Pixels, coordinate systems, geometry

video: Computer Sketchpad (Ivan Sutherland)

Sep 12 Vertex arrays vlist1.py vlist2.py

webgl1.html webgl2.html

Sep 19 Transformations
Sep 24 Transformation math, hierarchical transformations

video: John Whitney, Permutations & Experiments in Motion Graphics

Oct 1 Math: distances, trig, interpolation, randomness
Oct 3 Homework review
Oct 8 Textures
video: Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Growth/Mysterious Galaxy, The Techno Deep [2] [3]
texture1.py texture2.py texenv.py texfilter.py mipmap.py
Oct 10 Homework review; WebGL texturing dmsWebgl.js tex.html texture.jpg
Oct 15 interaction examples keyboard.py keyboard2.py mouse.py mesh2.py
Oct 17 Homework review
Oct 22 Alpha

video: Myron Krueger, Videoplace; Zack Booth Simpson & Mine Control; Camille Utterback

alpha.py smoothalpha.py alphawheel.py fade.py texalpha.py chromakey.py filter.py
Oct 24 Review of project proposals
Oct 29 Particle Systems

video: Lucasfilm, Star Trek II Genesis; Karl Sims

Oct 31 project prototypes
Nov 5 Vectors; Physics bounce.py gravbounce.py gravorbit.py simplespring.py Spring.py swing.py rope.py
euclid.py from http://code.google.com/p/pyeuclid/
Nov 7 lab - interaction & movement rocket.py
Nov 12 Bounds; Interaction

video: Douglas Engelbart, 1968 NLS Demo [4]

Nov 14 lab - making a particle system particle.py
Nov 19 Depth Cues depth.py
Nov 26 Perspective; Moving camera fovy.py dof.py stereo2.py
Nov 28 lab - make a 3D environment building.jpg cobblestones.jpg man.png woman.png
Dec 3 Stereoscopy city.py city-stereo.py
Dec 5 present projects
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