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DMS423 f11

[edit] DMS 423/523 - Programming Graphics 1

[edit] Assignments

[edit] Class notes

Aug 30 Color
Sep 1 Python & pyglet
Sep 6 Raster images, coordinate systems, geometry, & animation
video: John Whitney, Experiments in Motion Graphics
Sep 8 Lab - basic drawing ex1.py ex2.py ex3.py
Sep 13 Transformations basicXform.py interactiveXform.py animXform.py
Sep 15 Lab - vertex lists; homework review vlist.py
Sep 20 Hierarchical Transformations; Math pushpop.py pushpop2.py car.py
Sep 22 Lab - classes, text circle.py circle2.py text.py
Sep 27 Interaction
video: Myron Krueger, Videoplace
keyboard.py mouse.py
Oct 4 Images & Textures
video: Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Growth/Mysterious Galaxy, The Techno Deep [1] [2]
texture1.py texture2.py
Oct 6 Lab - texturing
Oct 11 Alpha; Randomness
Oct 13 Lab - alpha
Oct 18 Depth Cues depth.py
Oct 20 Lab - depth buffering
Oct 25 Perspective
video: Larry Cuba, Calculated Movements, The Star Wars Computer Animation
fovy.py dof.py
Oct 27 Lab - perspective city.py cobblestones.jpg building.jpg
Nov 8 Misc: driving, OBJ files, sound
video: Scientific Visualization Studio, Towers in the Tempest
city.py cobblestones.jpg building.jpg
wfobject.py drawcow.py cow.obj cow.mtl
Nov 10 Lab - project prototypes heightmap.py andes-height.png andes-left.png
Nov 15 Vectors, lighting, & shaders ring-normals.py shader.py lightcow.py vshadecow.py fshadecow.py fshadecow2.py
Nov 17 Lab - working on projects dynamictexture.py
Nov 22 Bounding volumes, multi-line text, rendered textures multilinetext.py dynamictexture1.py dynamictexture2.py dynamictexture3.py states.py
Nov 29 Simple physics bounce.py gravbounce.py gravorbit.py simplespring.py Spring.py swing.py rope.py
euclid.py from http://code.google.com/p/pyeuclid/
Dec 6 Particle systems fireworks.py fire.py fountain.py
euclid.py fireparticle.png waterdrop.png