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DMS423 f09

[edit] DMS 423/523 - Programming Graphics 1

[edit] Assignments

[edit] Class notes

Class 1 (Sep 1)


Class 2 (Sep 3)


Class 3 (Sep 8)


Class 4 (Sep 10)

Images, coordinate systems & geometry

Class 5 (Sep 15)

Animation & transformations

video: Stan Vanderbeek, The Computer Generation

Class 6 (Sep 17)

Math: Distance, trig, interpolation

video: John Whitney, Experiments in Motion Graphics

Class 7 (Sep 22)

Hierarchical transformations; Interaction

sample code: car.py orbit.py keyboard.py multikey.py mousebutton.py mousepos.py

Class 8 (Sep 24)

Randomness; Python classes

sample code: oop.py

Class 9 (Sep 29)

Vectors; more about classes

utility code: dmsgl.py
sample code: oop2.py

Class 10 (Oct 1)

Images & Textures

Class 11 (Oct 6)

Textures; Alpha

video: James Whitney, Lapis (excerpt)

Class 12 (Oct 8)

Depth Cues

video: Larry Cuba, Two Space & Calculated Movements

Class 13 (Oct 13)

Depth buffering; Perspective

Class 14 (Oct 15)

Camera movement; Lighting

sample code: glutGeometry-lit.py lightpos.py light-xform.py lightcolor.py 3point.py material.py specular.py ambient.py

Class 15 (Oct 20)


sample code: normal.py ring-normals.py spotlight.py attenuate.py fog.py

Class 16 (Oct 22)


sample code: stereo.py stereo2.py
video: Three Stooges, Spooks (excerpt)

Class 18 (Oct 29)


sample code: stereo2.py stereo-twochan.py tile.py tile2.py dof.py
video: Norman McLaren, Now is the Time & Around is Around

Class 19 (Nov 3)

Projectors & projections

video (excerpts): Michael Snow, Two Sides to Every Story; Shirin Neshat, Turbulent; Tony Oursler, Video Projections; George Coates, Invisible Site; Muench & Furukawa, Bubbles; Mine Control, Shadow Garden; EVL, CAVE Virtual Reality Theater

Class 20 (Nov 10)


sample code: bounce.py gravbounce.py gravorbit.py buoyancy.py simplespring.py swing.py rope.py solid.py solid2.py Spring.py

Class 21 (Nov 12)

Springs, PyODE

sample code: cows.py

Class 22 (Nov 17)

Particle systems

sample code: fireworks.py fountain.py fire.py
video: Lucasfilm, Star Trek II Genesis; nVidia, Vulcan demo (excerpt)

Class 23 (Nov 19)

Bounding volumes; Flocking

video: Symbolics, Stanley and Stella: Breaking the Ice

Class 24 (Nov 24)


sample code: glmandelbrot.py mountain1d.py zap.py mountain2d.py heightfield.py lsystem.py
video: John Hart, unNatural Phenomena

Class 25 (Dec 1)

Transformation math

Class 26 (Dec 3)

Masaki Fujihata

video: documentation of Beyond Pages, Small Fish, Global Interior Project, Co-Draw