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DMS315 s12

[edit] DMS 315 Web Programming

[edit] Course Info

When: Tuesday/Thursday 9-10:50 am
Where: CFA 244

Instructor: Dave Pape
e-mail: depape at buffalo.edu
Office: CFA 250
Office hours: Mon/Tue 1-2


[edit] Assignments

Homework 1, due Thursday, 2 Feb

Homework 2, due Thursday, 9 Feb

Homework 3, due Thursday, 16 Feb

Homework 4, due Thursday, 23 Feb, before class

Homework 5, due Tuesday, 6 March

In class, 1 March - create a social-media monitoring tool

Homework 6, due Thursday, 29 March

Homework 7, due Thursday, 5 April

Homework 8, due Thursday, 12 April

Homework 9, due Monday, 7 May

[edit] Tools


gamera error log

[edit] Class notes

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

File handling & some other functions

skeleton PHP file

example PHP/MySQL query

PHP / mysqli

Simple diagram of world database


Javascript basics

Some more Javascript - DOM

CSS basics

Javascript timeouts & intervals


Web services

Pachube, Flickr, & Twitter examples

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