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DMS221 s16


[edit] DMS 221 - Web Development

[edit] Course Info

When: Monday/Wednesday 1:00 pm - 2:50 pm
Where: CFA 244

Instructor: Dave Pape
e-mail: depape at buffalo.edu
Office: CFA 250
Office hours: Mon/Wed 11-1


[edit] Sample code

[edit] Rubrics

Papers will be assessed using the "Written Communication VALUE Rubric" from the American Association of Colleges & Universities.

Presentations are assessed using the "Oral Communication VALUE Rubric", with one added evaluation point for "Answering Questions".

[edit] Progress

e-mail me a summary of your activities, containing:

Don't send me any files. Do include links to anything I can review.

[edit] Tasks

See http://resumbrae.com/ub/dms221/221tasks.pdf for the list of possible projects and sub-tasks. This list may continue to grow. You can make suggestions for additions.

Some starter tasks:

[edit] Research paper

You must write at least one research paper or equivalent (presentation, or project addressing the research topic)

Steps (things you should send me):