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Art Flying In and Out of Space

Since 2001, Jackie Matisse has been involved in a series of collaborations, creating virtual reality versions of her kite artworks.

This work began at the Mountain Lake Workshop - see Ray Kass's web pages for more information.

Kites Flying In and Out of Space, a networked, supercomputer-driven work for CAVEs, was exhibited at the iGrid 2002 in Amsterdam. See Tom Coffin's web pages for more documentation on that piece.

[edit] Art Flying In and Out of Space

Art Flying In and Out of Space (1 & 2), by Jackie Matisse and Dave Pape, is the latest work in this series of virtual kite pieces. It was first exhibited at the gallery Zone: Chelsea in New York, from May 26 to June 24, 2005. #2 was shown at the conference Virtuality 2005 in Turin, Italy, November 3 - 6, 2005.

These works are for a single-screen projected virtual reality display. They allow up to 3 viewers to fly virtual kites together. The motion of the kites is based on real-time physics simulations; the viewers interact using trackers to control the ends of the kites' strings.

[edit] Video documentation