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Alive on the Grid

Alive on the Grid was a large, networked artistic virtual environment for the 2001 Ars Electronica Festival. It included the work of roughly 20 contributors in 10 sub-environments. During the festival, participants joined the shared world from several sites - the Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria), the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (Chicago, Illinois), the Interactive Institute's Tools for Creativity Studio (Umea, Sweden), Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana), the University at Buffalo (Buffalo, New York), C3 Center for Culture & Communication (Budapest, Hungary), and SARA / V2 Lab (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

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[edit] Setup

setup0.small.jpg setup1.small.jpg setup2.small.jpg setup3.small.jpg

[edit] Showtime

dan4.small.jpg idesk.small.jpg

[edit] Confluxus

confluxus1.small.jpg confluxus2.small.jpg confluxus3.small.jpg

[edit] Beatbox

bbx0.small.jpg bbx1.small.jpg bbx2.small.jpg

[edit] Looking for Water

dan2.small.jpg dan3.small.jpg dan0.small.jpg dan1.small.jpg dan6.small.jpg

[edit] Home

home0.small.jpg home1.small.jpg home2.small.jpg home3.small.jpg

[edit] Infinite Studio

infi0.small.jpg infi1.small.jpg infi2.small.jpg

[edit] PAAPAB

pab0.small.jpg pab1.small.jpg pab3.small.jpg pab5.small.jpg pab6.small.jpg

[edit] Through the Looking Glass

puma2.small.jpg puma0.small.jpg

[edit] Synaesthetic

syna0.small.jpg syna1.small.jpg

[edit] Super Spectacular

tim0.small.jpg tim1.small.jpg tim2.small.jpg

[edit] Incarnation of a Divine Being

umea1.small.jpg umea0.small.jpg umea2.small.jpg