yg0.1.7.tgz - tar file of latest release, including precompiled binaries. SGI binaries were compiled under IRIX 6.5 with Performer 2.4; Linux binaries were compiled under SuSE 7.3 (gcc 2.95.3) with Performer 2.5.

yg0.1.7-src.tgz - tar file of just the source code for the latest release.

modules.tgz - all modules from EVL (except the seven included in the main tar file).

PYg - Python/Ygdrasil modules

CAVERNG2_1.2.2.tar.gz - CAVERN release 1.2.2. This is the version that Ygdrasil is coded for; later versions are reported to be incompatible. Note that under IRIX, the main yg program is linked with a modified libmycavern_n32.a (to avoid Performer/pthreads conflicts), which is included in the Yg tar file.

Bergen - the sound server used by Ygdrasil.


changes.html - list of changes made in each release

http://www.evl.uic.edu/yg/overview.html - Ygdrasil documentation at EVL

Last updated 25 October 2002.
Dave Pape UB Department of Media Study