Virtual Kites

Since 2001, Jackie Matisse has been involved in a series of collaborations, creating virtual reality versions of her kite artworks.

This work began at the Mountain Lake Workshop - see Ray Kass's web pages for more information.

Kites Flying In and Out of Space, a networked, supercomputer-driven work for CAVEs, was exhibited at the iGrid 2002 in Amsterdam. See Tom Coffin's web pages for more documentation on that piece.

Art Flying In and Out of Space

Art Flying In and Out of Space (1 & 2), by Jackie Matisse with Dave Pape, is the latest work in this series of virtual kite pieces. It was first exhibited at the gallery Zone: Chelsea in New York, from May 26 to June 24, 2005. #2 was shown at the conference Virtuality 2005 in Turin, Italy, November 3 - 6, 2005.

These works are for a single-screen projected virtual reality display. They allow up to 3 viewers to fly virtual kites together. The motion of the kites is based on real-time physics simulations; the viewers interact using trackers to control the ends of the kites' strings.

Some photos from the Zone: Chelsea show:

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